Art Deco and The Great Gatsby era.

From the flamboyant, decadent '30's era - comes our character 'Daisy' -  from the book and film  'The Great Gatsby' ... a deliciously glamorous and charismatic costume in peach chiffon with matching feather wrap...

Our four Art Deco Statues are spectacular in their sleek black and gold costumes - perfect for Glitzy, Classy, Sophisticated events; Black & Gold themed events or '20's styled events.  

Sleek sophistication and our interpretation of Erte's classic print - 'Symphony in Black' complete our gorgeous Art Deco era......

The Statues are:-

  • 'Daisy' - The Great Gatsby
  • Symphony in Black .
  • Art /Deco group includes - Art Deco Fan; Art Deco Drape; Gold and The Diva 

  • The Flapper Girl
  • The Diva - photo appears on the Moulin Rouge/ Burlesque page