Classical Gold Statue

Nike - The Goddess of Victory was been especially designed with The London 2012 Olympics in mind and is now the perfect choice for Award Ceremonies; weddings and civil ceremonies.

Facts you may not know about Nike:-

  • Nike has been associated with the Olympics since the Games began in 776BC.
  • Nike is depicted on the front of every Olympic medal since the modern Olympics began in 1896.
  • Nike is the golden, winged statue at the top of the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.

Our performer as,  'Nike', will perform both as a Living statue and/or a walk-about character, as requested  by your client. The dramatic golden wings and the classically draped, gold silk chiffon  gown, give 'Nike' a stunning, classical Greek  look. Nike carries a gold laurel leaf wreath for the victorious 'athlete'  or in 2013 - the Top awaard winner!!