Halloween and Spookiness... Fairies and Fantasy

Bewitch your guests with our Halloween and Gothic witches ! 

  • Halloween Events.

For Family and children's events - The Halloween Witch will circulate, chatting to the children and families. She can give out Halloween goodies if requested by the client. Great character for town centre /shopping centre events.

This year, our Witch has been on a journey to the dark mountains to unearth the ancient Halloween Name Book !!

Using  this extraordinary and very old formula -  The Witch will give each child their very own and unique Halloween Name!!

For younger children - On request, The Witch can bring along her Halloween book of  ghostly tales and poems to enthrall and delight.

'Harry Potter' events  - The Halloween Witch exchanges  her tradtional Green face for more normal looking makeup and wrinkles and  becomes... Professor Mcgonagall's sister - Morag!!!  Using the tranformation enchantment  - she turns the wonderful Witch's hat  into The Sorting Hat -  with great effect!!  

The Gothic Witch -  for spookier, scarier occasions book our Gothic Witch...an apparition wearing our enigmatic Venetian mask decorated with the blackest crow feathers. Her dramatic, sparkling cloak flows around her and is also trimmed with crow feathers.  The Gothic Witch will have the strongest mind quaking in their shoes..........

The Woodland Fairies  - bring  enchantment. Ethereal and captivating - the Fairies bring a sprinkling of  Magic Fairy Dust to your event!  

      * 'Fairy' themed events; Weddings; Civil Cermonies 

      * Summer Garden party

      * 'Midsummer's Night Dream' 

The Statues are:-

  •           The Gothic Witch/ The Halloween Witch
  •           The Woodland Fairy/ Fairies
  •           The Fairy Queen