Winter Wonderland and Narnia

The Ice Queens - Glittering diamonds, Sparkling crystals......Choose from 4 glacial, stunning 'Snow and Ice Queens' to reign over your Ice palace......  

Perfect for themes such as:-

  • Winter Wonderland
  • 'Narnia'
  • Christmas Parties
  • Ice & Diamonds
  • 'The Story telling Snow Queen' - perfect for Family/ children's events   

The Statues are :-

  • The Ice Queen - Ice Blue/ Silver with huge draped sleeves edged with sequins. The over dress has now been redesigned  with new stunning fabric in silver sequins.
  • Russian Czarina - White fur cloak & Hat or a choice of 2 headdresses.
  • The Czarina - White fur and Ice Blue dress - shown in Soft pink light.
  • The Snow Queen  - A beautiful white velvet dress with sleeves worn with a delicate organza cloak - resembling snow flakes. Now also a Story teller - see video.
  • The Crystal Ice Queen - an extraordinarily beautiful costume in silver  & iridescent sequins & crystals. 

Grateful thanks to Forest Photographic; SMD photography for their stunning shots & Adrian Shaw.

My thanks  to Le'Voy Wilson of ZedCapricorn for another magical video - The Snow Queen.